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Terms and conditions

Our Terms & Conditions 
Prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.

1. Upon a confirmed order, either written or verbal, a deposit is due; this is calculated at 50% of the total order cost. The building will be ordered and put into production when the deposit is confirmed as cleared funds. We wait until the funds are cleared as your order is for a bespoke building and is therefore designed and built to your requirements. Once the order has been placed into production you will be responsible for the full building costs.

2. A further instalment, calculated at 25% of the total cost of the order is due 5 working days prior to the notified delivery date.

3. The final instalment, calculated at 25% of the total cost of the order is due upon delivery, or erection of the Pembs Steel Building element of the project.

4. The Purchaser confirms that they are entitled to erect the building on the site.

5. The Purchaser agrees to accept delivery and erection of the building within 7 days of notification from the Company where the Purchaser will allow Pembs Steel Buildings Ltd or its subcontractor free and uninterrupted access to the site and the use of its facilities (WC, Water, Electric etc...). The purchaser will also provide adequate provisions for the disposal/removal of building waste, which is mainly easily separated and recyclable.

6. The Purchaser acknowledges that it is their responsibility to obtain all planning and building consents in addition to any local authority requirements.

7. The Purchaser acknowledges that it will be their responsibility to connect the said building to the storm water system or other as approved by their local authority and that it is at their own expense to satisfy any public authority and that the Company has no responsibility to do so.

8. Pembs Steel Buildings Ltd will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any delay in delivery which is beyond their direct control.

9. Pembs Steel Buildings Ltd will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any delay in construction work which is beyond their direct control. 

10. Site delays which are beyond the direct control of Pembs Steel Buildings will be charged at man day rate to cover time lost once construction has begun.

11. Any claim relating to an alleged deficiency or damage to goods delivered by Pembs Steel Buildings Ltd, must be reported, in writing, within 2 days of delivery. Pembs Steel Buildings Limited will not be held liable in respect of any such alleged deficiency outside of this period.

12. The Purchaser acknowledges that full structural calculations are not included within this specification and order. Full reports from our structural engineers, including load bearings, wind tolerances and professional structural indemnities, are available upon request at cost price, to be advised.

13. Any buildings that require full structural calculations, a build warrant (Scotland), or Project Planning may result in additional costs - usually set prior to order.

14. In the event of any deficiency in the quality of goods, the liability of Pembs Steel Buildings Ltd (if any) shall be limited to the replacement of such defective goods. All other guarantees, warranties, undertakings, or representations, expressed or implied, and whether arising by statute or otherwise are hereby excluded (except to the extent only that such exclusion is prohibited by statute) and subject to the last mentioned exception, these terms and conditions are the only terms and conditions of the contract between Pembs Steel Buildings Ltd and the Purchaser.

15. Price includes delivery to customer owned site or agreed location, unless an alternative is agreed prior to dispatch from manufacture.

16.  The driver will only enter a site with the customer’s permission and does not take any responsibility for any damage the vehicle causes to surface materials, underground services or perimeter boundaries.

17.  If driver is unable to make delivery due to poor access, customer not present etc, a second delivery charge will be payable.

18.  The driver will not uplift any surplus materials from site.

19.  All buildings are constructed to metric dimensions. Any imperial measurements quoted are solely for the convenience of customers and should not be relied on to be accurate.

20.  We will endeavour to supply the building in the time scales indicated in our quote, but will not be contracted to, held responsible for, or accept liability for any subsequent losses, damages or costs due to late delivery of the building, or due to circumstances out of our control.