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Key Benefits

  • Planning -its all part of the service.
  • We can include a site survey.
  • We listen to your requirements.
  • we advise on design ideas and planning requirements.
  • We draw up building plans using the latest CAD techniques and software.
  • We then define the finer elements of building detail to make sure you are satisfied.
  • We advise as to when the building will be ready for erection so you can organise for the base to be constructed or we can include this as part of the service
  • We can either supply and erect the building or transport it over for your own builders to erect.

Steel School and Educational Buildings in the UK

Pembs Steel buildings recognise that schools have to conform to requirements from many sources. Pembs Steel Building work with the stakeholders to satisfy the guidelines outlined in the 'Achieving Success' white paper, Building Bulletins and legislation which give a building framework for schools and educational type buildings.

Building specially designed to suit the exacting specifications of the teaching environment

Pembs Steel buildings supply leading-edge school building design. Our range can provide educational and childcare specialists nationwide with custom-built, educational accommodation;

Our offering

Pembs Steel Buildings has launched a new tailor-made classroom building, designed specifically for primary and secondary schools. This new classroom design will provide schools with inspiring, pleasant learning environments. Our new designs will help schools ease the limitations on time and budget that schools and LEAs frequently experience. We provide permanent-quality buildings for short-term needs, with the flexibility to move internal walls.

Design quality has been defined as a combination of:

  • Functionality
  • Sustainability
  • Buildability
  • Efficiency
  •  Aesthetics
  •  Durability

All of these are key to achieving better value for money for everyone concerned.

Flexibility in our designs

We recognise that these new classroom buildings offer an inspiring, multi-functional environment that has been developed after an in-depth analysis of the education sector. Schools have identified the need for a bespoke, quality classroom building that can be up and running in a very short space of time – often during school holidays.

In addition to the record capital investment stimulating an increase in building work in schools, the classrooms are often needed short-term, in response to changing school populations and the Government's initiative of fewer than 30 pupils per class.

This new classroom building meets all permanent building regulations and has been designed in consultation with DfES Building Bulletin 95. The building incorporates two classrooms and a large cloakroom. The classrooms are 64m² in area and each can comfortably accommodate classes of 30 pupils in bright, modern, and well-equipped surroundings.

The tailor-made accommodation has also been designed to provide specialist teaching resources with high levels of natural light, good ventilation and excellent energy efficiency.

Helping schools meet challenges.

Pembs Steel building recognises the problems facing schools - By the end of 2001, Head teachers had allowed budget surpluses to accumulate to more than £1 billion¹ because of the difficulties and complications of procuring quality classroom accommodation.

At Pembs steel Building we are keen to work with LEAs and schools and can provide a consultancy service that can help them plan for any refurbishment, new build programme or fluctuation in pupils numbers.

Pembs steel Buildings has also designed the new classroom building to incorporate the latest thinking in the recent White Paper – Achieving Success. This stated that any new school refurbishment programme would have to promote good design, minimise the environmental impact and work to achieve targets of Rethinking Construction such as reduced wastage, improved delivery time and better value for money. We recognize that Schools of the future must be designed to avoid wasted investment through early and rapid obsolescence.

They need to have a long functional life, demonstrating good value for money in terms of life-cycle costs he pre-designed and engineered classrooms and our personalised service fully satisfy the requirements demanded by the national curriculum and the requirements stated in the Achieving Success white paper. Our tailor-made classrooms are available to schools and colleges throughout the UK .

school plan

Our building philosophy is to provide
sustainable constructions which have
a low impact on the environment, in
terms of energy and water use,
materials, waste, transport,
site ecology, health and safety and
 internal environmental conditions.

Good design is more than a beautiful
facade, and involves the layout of the
building and outside areas, as well as
the use of materials and choice of
services and fittings. It does not
necessarily cost more

Our strengths and markets include
 design excellence, a fast track
supply chain and whole frame
steelwork solutions for the
property market. Our distributorship
is backed by a multi national company
that ensures that the designs and
materials are kept at the leading edge
 of the construction technology and design

Safety and security considerations;

Sustainability and environment design;

Environmental performance criteria,
for instance acoustics, ventilation and daylight;

Conformance with DfES Building
bulletins and legislation

Lifespan requirements included.


Compliance with DfES Standards
Compliance with current Building Regulations
Reasonable pricing
Professional service and AutoCAD drawings provided
New modular buildings supplied
Compliance with Health & Safety and CDM Regulations
Qualified building installation teams
Country-wide service
Site surveys can be arranged
amed modular building system  
Plastic coated steel profile roof  
Plastic coated steel external finish
Upvc double glazed windows
External steel security door