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Customised Speciality Building Section Pembs steel Buildings Ltd aim to give you a flexible and efficient service which suits you...

 We can help you select and customise building design.

Supply all building plans, materials to your door.

Provide on site team for building construction.
Want a bespoke building?

Call us now to discuss in more detail.  We offer a free initial design and quote as part of our service

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Steel Custom Buildings in the UK

Wide range of customised buildings 

boat anchorage shed

Internal view of a boat anchorage shed

customised barn

Old American barn with windows,
sliding glass door and timber pergola
to front.

customised greenhouse

Standard garage frame 'glasshouse'
 or greenhouse.
hi lite gable window

22 degree pitch roof featuring Hi-Lite
gable window.

machinery storage

Large covered parking areas for
machinery can be designed
residential use

Customised  buildings for residential
 and holiday use