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Fed up of paying for expensive scaffolding.

This article advises on building options for  carrying out work at height  

When constructing new builds - such a steel buildings or industrial units then you will be aware of the high costs of scaffolding.  For some existing jobs, where building maintainence is required, the provision of access equipment required to carry out the work is often a substantial cost.

Steel buildings can be a cost effective building option for you, both in the initial build where erection is swift and provides a robust, practical building solution. As with all buildings, there is a requirement to carry out repairs and maintainence.  This is minimalised by the use of high quality steel sheeting with plastisol coating which not only gives an attractive finish but provides a extra shield from the damp, ice and weather conditions.  However, at some stage, such as clearing out gutters etc the scaffolding costs used for  Maintenance  and repairs can add to the overall running costs and budget .  

Abseiling can be used as an inexpensive option to carry out some of the building maintenance.  This may be a viable option if access at ground level is restricted and can offer a possible alternative.  The saving on manpower, time and scaffolding rental can be reduced.  Look up abseiling maintenance specialists.  Depending on the Maintenance  requirements, this may be a viable alternative to scaffolding rental costs.