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Select our steel build designs, secure in the knowledge that we use fire retardant materials that comply with UKs stringent standards

Picture of building on fire

Ensure your build design is includes fire safety in its list of requirements.

When deciding on the type of building you require, don’t forget to factor in the choice of building material most suitable for your design and needs. Cost is commonly the overriding factor; yet, other factors such as weight, ease of construction, strength, sustainability, availability and fire resistance should also be taken into account before the final design is finally agreed upon.
With these additional factors in mind our steel build designs incorporate fire resistant materials throughout.
Floor base materials.
We recommend concrete bases for our building designs, as reinforced concrete does not pose a threat in the event of fire and resists the spreading of fire. Its large mass also helps to keep a more constant temperature within the building. This can make the floor base an excellent insulation and fire retardant, improving the sustainability and safety of the building.
Materials used on our walls and roofs.
Our single steel and insulated cladding is fire retardant – it has performed well in rigorous tests and British Standards, It passed the spread of Flame Test with the highest classification level and the panels successfully achieve an FAA/SAA rating. Our steel building designs comply with today’s UK fire regulations and standards.