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What is a PIR Panel?

insulated steel cladding

Use these composite steel panels for improving heat and sound insulation

Our previous blog referred to PIR composite panels which are insulated steel panels.  One of customers has read our blog and asked what PIR acronym means.

PIR is an abbreviation for Polyisocyanurate, which is a thermoset plastic typically produced as a foam and used as rigid thermal insulation. PIR composite panels are typically made from foam and used as rigid thermal insulation sandwiched between the steel panels. Its thermal conductivity has a typical value of 0.16 BTU*in/hr*ft2*°F (0.023 W/(mK)).

Composite insulated panels can be used for fabrication of steel buildings. The panels are prefabricated PIR sandwich panels which are manufactured with corrosion-protected, corrugated steel facings bonded to a core of PIR foam and used extensively as roofing insulation and vertical walls (e.g. for warehousing, factories, office buildings etc.).

Don’t feel the pinch in this cold weather – opt for an insulated steel build design

Composite Cladding Panels have two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation which can be used for walls and roofs.
Our insulated building designs also include guttering, flashings, sealants and roof lights.  Our build design can include these insulated steel composite cladding panels, which  offers quick coverage and rapid completion of a weatherproof building giving a high performance, quality  building aimed at keeping its occupants warm and dry.

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Recent snow – Check your steel build has a correctly specified design

Ensure that your steel build has been designed for UK’s varied weather. A Steel build design can be underspecified in order to cut costs and secure a sale.

This may be fine for the average days of the year, but could leave the building at risk in extreme weather. If in doubt please feel free to discuss with our Pembs Steel Buildings Steel Design Experts