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“I have asked by Pembrokeshire Steel Buildings to comment on the Barn they supplied and erected for me.

Having had more than 40 years experience in the Construction Industry I have to say it was a very efficient and effective operation.

From the outset I was advised with design ideas such as the best use of roof lighting, door types and positions and the use of the roofs for water harvesting. I was provide with plans and elevation drawings in sufficient detail to obtain Planning Permission in the National Park.

Once Planning Permission was received my role was to employ a local builder to construct to the drawings provided the concrete slab base and during the curing period of the concrete the building was ordered and delivered on the date agreed.

Erection commenced on the date promised and was completed within a week, there have been no defects to rectify the build and build quality have been excellent.

I would most certainly recommend Pembrokeshire Steel Building and will use them again in the future.”

Bespoke Designs for Aircraft Hangers


Pembs Steel Building Designs Ltd understands the personal need of a business or individual for an airplane hangar. Focusing on Bespoke designs for airplane hangars, Pembs Steel Buildings Ltd will work you their clients on the following service:

Bespoke Hangar Design

It will be our qualified staff and design consultants that will work you to according to the requirements you specify for the hanger. Additionally, we will help optimise space in your hanger to give maximum value for your money. The combination of our tensile steel which reduces cost without sacrificing quality, design optimisations, and timely delivery will result in cost savings. Once the design is made, we can provide you with the materials to build the hangar or we can handle the build from the base to the hangar itself according as you the customer select.

Horse buildings with Pembs Steel


Pembs Steel is now offering buildings to fit the needs of horses and other livestock. They can add on to your existing barn or they can build you a new one. They make barns, riding arenas, and other sheds. Whether you need one for the hay, your tack, or your trailer, you will be able to find what you need at Pembs Steel.

 At Pembs Steel, they work with each client, depending on your needs and budget. They offer two options for the construction. They can build it for you or simply start it so that you can finish putting it up on your own property.

 At Pembs Steel, they use stronger steel so that they can use less of it, saving you money. It also makes it easier to put your building up. So, if you are looking to build or add on, call Pembs Steel today.