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If you have room to erect a steel building for storage why not look into the profit you can make  from the investment.  This article outlines some key points of interest for steel build design options.

exploring options to make profit...

In today’s economic climate many entrepreneurs are keen to develop business ventures that turn a profit.  Many have recognised the current demand for self-storage and understand the value of getting a steel build design for self-storage units.

Pembs steel building can provide a free quotation and design service for any type of building, including self-storage units.  Having experience in designing these buildings for lots of businesses we can also offer you valuable advice on market trends and include highlighting points to consider when planning and erecting your new building.

The steel storage units can offer clean, dry and secure areas for housing valuable goods – and many people will pay a premium for this type of storage.
If you have a plot where secure storage building can be erected why not research into the revenue stream that secure storage can offer?

We are happy to advise on storage sizes ranging from single garages all the way up the scale to aircraft hangars and more unusual items that require storage.

Our range of steel buildings is varied and we ensure minimum wastage of steel by using pre-cut, predesigned building being shipped to your site.  The advantage of the steel being pre-cut to length means easier, quicker erection and less steel wastage which can be reflected in the price.  The self-build kits are pre-welded, pre-cut and predrilled offsite to ensure that the job of erecting on site goes more smoothly and swiftly.
Our experienced designers and sophisticated software takes into account weather, location and elevation of the site so that risks and damage from bad weather are minimised.

The beauty of the steel designs are their adaptability – at a later date it is possible to redesign and add on extensions such as extra bays and lean to’s, addition of inner partitions etc. so that the building can adapt and grow in line with your needs.

Once you have finalised your design and are ready to commence the build please ensure that the base is well prepared.  Is the base well drained and firm?

If laying concrete, when laying the base, ensuring accurate dimensions and that the base is square will make the building erection much more straightforward.  As well as checking the width and length prior to laying concrete check the diagonals to ensure the slab will be square and true. 
To ensure the delivery to site goes smoothly don’t forget to check access to the site – is the site down a long narrow track or are there overhead cables blocking access.  The more details and snagging that can be done prior to delivery means that there is more chance of correcting/working around any hazards that may cause problems on delivery.
When the building is delivered on site, check the contents, and stack carefully.  Also check security – have you considered security, ensuring that the steel build kit and construction tools are secure whilst the building is being erected.
If you decide to use Pembs Steel Buildings for your building design and supply you will have the peace of mind to know that you are purchase your storage building from reputable steel building provider, who not only offer a warranty to your purchase but also after-sales service.

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 Pembs Steel Buildings build and design bespoke buildings to your specification with our free design service.

Pembs steel Buildings recognise that our clients needs are diverse so we offer a wide range of buildings designed specifically to our clients bespoke designs.